Beach House is award-winning, strategic beauty, fashion, and wellness communications agency founded by veteran publicist Amy Denoon in 2005. Since day one, our obsession has been to craft and tell innovative stories that create meaningful, relevant emotional connections — and almost 12 years later, that’s still our passion.

We are fiercely passionate about beauty and fashion. We love that must-have lipstick. The perfect polish. That fragrance that makes you turn your head and smile. That red lip that makes everyone stop and stare when you enter the room. Supplements that impart a major inner glow….and the cut-just-to-there swimsuit to show it off. These are things that excite us. We then take this excitement and obsessively translate it into great stories, compelling content, and an engaged community.

Our philosophy?  We are committed to creating strategic, holistic programs that move the needle by thinking outside of the box, providing white glove service, and crafting programing that resonates. We are innovators and inventors, and have been recognized as such within the industry time and time again. The Beach House team consistently delivers, merging creativity and strategic execution while pushing the boundaries in all we do; constantly seeking out new technology, advanced communications tools, and ways to do things better-smarter-stronger.  Our services expand beyond traditional PR; we are a 360-degree communications firm specializing in PR, social media, influencer marketing, events, and entertainment marketing for beauty and fashion brands.

Step inside our house — and see what we can do for you.

For over a decade, I’ve worked hard to curate a repertoire of emerging and global brands that my team and I are passionate about. We only work with brands we are obsessed with; brands that we understand and get excited about. The result? Campaigns that resonate, stories that drive emotion, and connections that are real. As we enter into our 12th year, that commitment—and passion—remains stronger than ever. ”

Amy Denoon, Proprietor